Infectious disease clinic

What is an infectious disease doctor?

An infectious disease doctor is a physician who specializes in the various infections that can affect the human body.

 Association des Médecins Microbiologistes Infectiologues du Québec (AMMIQ) :

This service is offered at our Town of Mont-Royal clinic.

Reasons you may be referred to an Infectious disease doctor physician include:

  • Infections that are resistant to treatment (e.g. antibiotics)

  • Difficult to diagnose infections

  • Infection with an associated high fever

  • Pre-international travel evaluations

  • Illness after travel


  • Hepatitis B and C

  • Syphilis

  • Unusual Sexually Transmitted Infections (Mycoplasma genitalium, etc.

Medical conditions

Bacterial infections

Viral infections

Fungal infections

Tropical diseases

Specialty areas of interest

Tropical infections