Bariatric surgery

Considered an effective treatment against morbid obesity, bariatric surgery is performed at the RocklandMD surgical centre. The team of bariatric surgeons is : Dr. Ronald Denis, Dr. Pierre Garneau and Dr. Anne-Sophie Studer. They have many years of experience and insure follow-up of each patient both in the pre and post-surgery period. To this date, more than 1400 patients from Montreal or elsewhere, have undergone bariatric surgery in our of state of the art facility. 

The surgeons perform the following procedures:

All procedures are performed by laparascopy. Small incisions allow quick recovery. All patients are seen prior to their surgery. Admissibility criteria and risk factors are evaluated. 

Each patient having surgery through the RocklandMD bariatric program will benefit from a structured nutritional counseling program

Nutritional counseling is adapted to the post-operative patient progress. The nutritional coaching helps optimize the patient's success of losing and maintaining his/her weight. Nutritional support is also suggested afterwards to help maintain the weight on the longterm.

A bariatric food guide was designed to accompany the patient during his/her first month after surgery. The guide will be presentend to you by the nutritionist before bariatric surgery.

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