Mise au point : services médicaux aux employeurs


Insured medical services and the employer

Any service rendered by a professionnal on the basis of a contract with an employer for the purpose of delivering insured services to their employees is considered non covered (Article 22 i du Règlement d’application de la Loi sur l’assurance maladie).


My employer offers me the opportunity to have surgery for a quicker recovery. How do I proceed?

You must first contact our RocklandMD corporate services department. A corporate service agreement will be sent to you. This service agreement will have to be completed by your employer. In the agreement, your employer must acknowledge that you are actively employed by the company. We will also need to know from your doctor the surgical procedure needed. Once  this is done and received , an appointment will then be given to you for assessment and scheduling.


I am currently unemployed. Could any company cover the costs for me?

No. The by-law is clear. Only an employer, through a service agreement with a healthcare service provider, can cover the costs of medical services for his or her employee. If you are not employed by a company which has signed the service agreement, this bylaw doesn’t apply to you.


My employer does not want to cover the costs of surgery, however a friend has a company and has offered to pay for me, is this acceptable?

No. The bylaw is clear. You must be an employee of the company who has signed the service agreement. 


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