Information patient : Cataract surgery

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Where and when to arrive for your surgery:

Please arrive at the location and scheduled time previously communicated to you by the reception at the RocklandMD Surgical Centre.

The day of your Surgery:

  • Please bring your valid health insurance card
  • A list of your current medications
  • Have a light meal
  • Bring a snack for after the surgery
  • If you normally take medication in the morning, it is important for you to take it, unless you are told otherwise by the nurse or your doctor
  • Take a shower
  • Do not wear any make-up, cream, body lotion or perfume
  • Do not wear any contact lenses, jewellery or piercings
  • Make sure to wear a short sleeve t-shirt and comfortable clothing
  • The RocklandMD surgical centre is not responsible in the event of loss, theft or damage of personal or valuable objects
  • Your choice of lens required for your surgery will be determined by your surgeon. There may be a fee for certain types of lenses. If this is the case, this fee will be paid at the centre on the day of the surgery.

Important Notice:

  • Expect to be at our centre approximately 3 hours between your arrival and departure 
  • You must arrange to have someone accompany you on the day of the operation and bring you back home, as it is forbidden for you to drive, leave alone in a taxi or public transportation
  • Please note that you will need to be accompanied to your follow-up appointment the day after your surgery. This information will be provided to you on the same day by your doctor
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no visitors will be permitted in the waiting room. When you will be ready to leave, we will call the person you have designated to pick you up.
  • To cancel your surgery, please contact us at 514-667-3383 extension 300

Additional Information

  • For any questions regarding preparation for your cataract surgery, or for instructions regarding your eye drops, please contact your hospital or your doctor’s office

300 Dunbar, ville Mont Royal 


We are located on the corner of Dunbar and Rockland.  For your ease and convenience, there is free parking around the RocklandMD Health Complex.