Employee health: beyond health assessments

Corporations have a choice of options when looking for providers of corporate health.

However, these days, employee health cannot be limited to offering only annual health assessments. Employees often suffer from chronic diseases, or live with disabilities due to work injuries or other factors. All these factors are an important cause of repeated or prolonged work absenteeism. 

Choosing the best provider

It becomes important for employers to find a provider that can offer integrated health services that include the whole spectrum of care : prevention to diagnosis and treatment, with access to surgical care if needed.

Very few centres can offer all of this at the same address. RocklandMD stands out as the only medical and surgical centre capable of providing corporate health services as well as access to a wide range of elective day surgeries.

Employees that stay healthy

RocklandMD offers corporations quick access to family doctors and specialists that will take charge of their employee's health, including those suffering from chronic diseases. When properly looked after, these employees have a better chance of taking charge of their health. This can have a positive impact on the overall employee health.

Employees that recover their health

Employers know how important it is to control disabilities and prolonged work abstention. Corporate health programs should include means to get employees back to work as soon as possible. Largely unknown is the fact that quick access to surgery can be part of a corporate health program, pursuant to the article 22i of the Quebec Health insurance act.*

RocklandMD offers this access to day surgeries in its state of the art surgical centre.

First private surgical centre to be accredited with an honorable mention under the joint Accreditation Canada and Conseil québécois d’agrément program. RocklandMD relies on an experienced team of surgeons, highly qualified nursing and other healthcare professionals in order to provide quality care. 

Beyond health assessments

Employers will easily understand the importance of offering employees health services that go beyond plain health assessments. Opting for a provider that can offer integrated services is a wise economic decision.

*Article 22i of Health Insurance Act (c. A-29, r.5) stipulates that a service rendered by a health professional based on a contract with an employer, an association or an organism with the objective of providing insured health services to employees or members is not considered as an insured service as listed in the Health Insurance Act

Thus employers can refer employees to a private clinic in complete legality.