Family Package

RocklandMD now offers a preventive health package for the whole family. This package includes 2 personalized medical consultations and 6 emergency consultations. Those 6 additional emergency medical consultations can be taken at any time by the client throughout the year following the initial visit. These additional medical consultations are transferable to a spouse or child in case of minor emergencies.

To have more information on the Family Package, call us at 514-667-3383 option 1.

The family package is also offered with the Gold Service. For more information, please click here

Each package includes :

Nursing consultation

  • Opening of the computerized patient file
  • Collection of the client's medical data
  • Vitals signs readings

Medical consultation

  • Review of the anamnesis collected by the nurse
  • Lifestyle assessment: smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption
  • Family history
  • Medications
  • Immunization review
  • Personal medical and surgical history
  • Complete physical examination

Laboratory analysis

  • According to the medical evaluation

Additional tests

  • Depending on your risk factors and if required, additional tests may be prescribed:
  • Mammography in women aged 50 and over
  • Bone densitometry
  • Colonoscopy
  • Resting EKG and/or stress 


  • The results and explanations of the medical evaluation as well as blood tests are given to the user during the follow-up visit. This follow-up can be done by telephone.

Additional medical consultations

  • Eight (8) additional medical consultations are offered to the user for follow-ups or minor emergencies. These consultations are transferable to the spouse and / or children of the user and must be taken within one year of the first medical visit.