Private medical clinic

A private medical clinic that provides optimum care in general, preventive and specialized medicine.

Our clinical services

Family medicine

At RocklandMD Medical Clinic, family medicine practice is a patient-centered (…)

Family Package : Health Assessment

RocklandMD now offers a Health assessment package for the whole family. This (…)

Gold Service - Medical concierge service  New

Hassle-free health Because time is precious and your health is invaluable, (…)

Hypertension clinic  New

The RocklandMD Clinic now has a hypertension clinic.

Infectious disease clinic  New

What is an infectious disease doctor? An infectious disease doctor is a (…)

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) injections  New

What is PRP injections  (Platelet Rich Plasma)?Platelet-enriched plasma is (…)

Orthopedic clinic

The RocklandMD orthopedic  team offers orthopedic consultations, surgical (…)

Colposcopy clinic

RocklandMD private medical clinic gives access to colposcopy. This is a (…)

Gynecology clinic

Make an appointment with a gynecologist RocklandMD Medical Clinic gives access (…)

Minor orthopedic emergencies  New

Our team of general and orthopedic doctors can see you in consultation for minor (…)


A cystoscopy exam is available at RocklandMD medical clinic at its the Town of (…)

Urology clinic  New

The urology service available at RocklandMD medical centre delivers exhaustive (…)

Minor Emergencies

We provide for private minor emergency care services with extended hours. To (…)

Travel health clinic

Travel safely RocklandMD Medical Clinic offers a travel health service, (…)

Dermatology clinic

Rely on a dermatologist for your skin problems Rely on a dermatologist for (…)

Preventive health

Periodic health exams Periodic medical examinations done at RocklandMD Medical (…)

Psychology services

RocklandMD medical clinic offers psychology services to help people deal with (…)

Laboratory services

RocklandMD provides access to a private medical laboratory service for all your (…)

Nutritionist services

At RocklandMD, nutrition has an important role to play in the prevention and (…)

Circumcision  New

Circumcision is a simple procedure to remove the foreskin that covers the top of (…)

Vaccination clinic

The RocklandMD medical clinic offers a vaccine against influenza. Click here for (…)


The RocklandMD Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Centre offers quick appointments (…)


Get a quick appointment for a gastroscopy at RocklandMD Gastroenterology and (…)

Cardiology clinic

We are happy to announce the addition of diagnostic exams to our cardiology (…)