Private medical clinic

A private medical clinic that provides optimum care in general, preventive and specialized medicine.

We are happy to provide telephone or videoconference consultations, giving you quick access to a physician whenever possible. Please dial 514-667-3383, press 1, or send an email to for more information.

Our clinical services

COVID-19 testing clinic  New

  NEW TO ROCKLANDMD RocklandMD now offers the COVID-19 testing at our Town of (…)

Family medicine

At RocklandMD Medical Clinic, family medicine practice is a patient-centered (…)

Private Urology clinic  New

The Urology Clinic at RocklandMD Medical center offers treatments for various (…)

Panbio-COVID-19-Ag-Rapid-Diagnostics  New

RocklandMD now offers the Panbio Rapid Test Covid-19 at our Town of Mount Royal (…)

Minor Emergencies

We provide for private minor emergency care services with extended hours. To (…)


The Urology Clinic at RocklandMD Medical center offers treatments for various (…)

Dermatology clinic

Rely on a dermatologist for your skin problems Rely on a dermatologist for (…)

Gynecology clinic

Make an appointment with a gynecologist RocklandMD Medical Clinic gives access (…)

Orthopedic clinic

The RocklandMD orthopedic  team offers orthopedic consultations, surgical (…)

Minor orthopedic emergencies  New

Our team of general and orthopedic doctors can see you in consultation for minor (…)


Cystoscopy is a procedure used to see inside the urinary bladder and urethra. (…)

Cardiology clinic

We are happy to announce the addition of diagnostic exams to our cardiology (…)

Circumcision  New

Circumcision is a brief procedure that completely removes the foreskin of the (…)

Laboratory services

RocklandMD provides access to a private medical laboratory service for all your (…)

Travel health clinic

Travel safely RocklandMD Medical Clinic offers a travel health service, (…)

Vaccination clinic

The RocklandMD medical clinic offers a vaccine against influenza. Click here for (…)