Corporate travel health clinic

The RocklandMD Medical Clinic offers a travel health clinic for corporations and their employees. It is composed of a team of physicians and nurses that have a special interest in travel health.

Services range from pre-travel consultation, establishing a vaccination calendar, giving the appropriate vaccines and giving the right medication. 
The Corporate Travel Health service is designed for companies whose employees are required to travel and are seeking consultation in travel health and vaccination.

All vaccines needed for travelers

Name of vaccine:  Vaccine against: 
Avaxim  Hepatitis A
Dukoral  Travelers Diarrhea and Cholera
Engerix-B  Hepatitis B
Havrix  Hepatitis A
Imovax rage  Rage
JE-VAX  Japanese Encephalitis
Ménactra  Meningococcal serogroup A, C, Y and W135 (quadrivalent conjugate vaccine)
Twinrix  Hepatitis A and B
Typhim-Vi  Typhoid
Typherix  Typhoid
Rabavert  Rage
YF-VAX  Yellow fever

N.B. For optimal protection, it is recommended to schedule your consultation at least 4 to 6 weeks before you leave the country.