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RocklandMD Minor Surgery Service

RocklandMD Medical Clinic is offering a minor surgery service. Our doctors are (…)

Urology clinic

The urology service available at RocklandMD medical centre delivers exhaustive (…)

Minor Emergencies

We provide for private minor emergency care services with extended hours. To (…)

Pre-placement exam

RocklandMD now offers pre-placement exams Pre-employment medical testing can (…)

PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) injections

What is PRP injections  (Platelet Rich Plasma)?Platelet-enriched plasma is (…)

Vascular Medicine Clinic - Venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is caused by reflux in the saphenous veins.  It can be (…)

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Are you looking for a family doctor?

Are you looking for a family doctor?

Fifteen dedicated family doctors are at your service to treat you quickly and efficiently.

One of your employees needs surgery?

One of your employees needs surgery?

Find out more about a legal agreement between employers and insurers regarding private medical and surgical services.

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