Family medicine

At RocklandMD Medical Clinic, family medicine practice is a patient-centered practice

Our family medicine practice is focused on treating acute medical problems, screening patients for risk factors through periodic exams, treating and following up on patients with chronic conditions and promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical activity. We also provide quick access to a physician for minor emergencies.

Quick access to private family doctors

The family physicians practicing at RocklandMD medical clinic are not part of the Régime d’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). Their decision to opt out of the public system is based on the style of practice and care they want to provide. Their focus is on taking charge patient's medical condition.

The team of family physicians see clients at our two locations : Town of Mount-Royal or Downtown Montreal.

Follow-up through an electronic medical record

The first step of the consultation process is the creation by the nurse of your electronic medical record.

The electronic medical record helps the physician have a quick access to the client’s health information at the time of consultation and helps in patient follow-up and health management.