Travel health clinic

Travel safely

RocklandMD Medical Clinic offers a travel health service, delivered by a team of physicians and nurses that have a special interest in travel health.

Services range from pre-travel consultation, establishing a vaccination calendar, vaccine administration and medication prescription for prevention of travel related deseases and conditions.

Vaccines needed to travel abroad are all available

Name of vaccine:  Vaccine against: 
Avaxim  Hepatitis A
Dukoral  Travelers Diarrhea and Cholera
Engerix-B  Hepatitis B
Havrix  Hepatitis A
Imovax rage  Rage
JE-VAX  Japanese Encephalitis
Ménactra  Meningococcal serogroup A, C, Y and W135 (quadrivalent conjugate vaccine)
Twinrix  Hepatitis A and B
Typhim-Vi  Typhoid
Typherix  Typhoid
Rabavert  Rage
YF-VAX  Yellow fever

N.B. To provide enough time to receive all of the needed vaccines, it is recommended to schedule your consultation at least 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.