? I consider myself fortunate to have been operated on by Dr. Kevin Zorn at RocklandMD’s urology clinic, who by all accounts is a leader in the field of greenlight laser surgery for BHP and whom I was told was the surgeon I needed for my particular and serious condition. He is also an extremely nice person and was readily accessible and attentive to my questions and concerns. Wonderful Urology nurse Saverina (Savy) was also a critical part of the high quality of care I received during the months leading up to my surgery. Without her kindness, availability above and beyond the call of duty, and responsiveness to all of my particular concerns, I don’t know what I would have done. I am truly grateful to both Savy and Dr. Zorn for helping me get through this challenging period (no less easy under Covid conditions) and, to paraphrase the 45th president, for “making Jeff’s urination (pretty) great again”??. I would recommend this fabulous team at RocklandMD Urology to anyone, without hesitation! J.W. ?


? Respected team I really like your treatment ,especially who has the doctor in gynaecologist.She is really nice as well as ask everything and follow up.I am an international student so, she helped me as she can . Overall your team works is really nice. Always remind me to what to do .perfect cooperation. Thank you for your service. D.D. ?


? I would like to share some thoughts on our experience with your clinic on March 28th, 2018. My apologies for the delay - work and single parenting keeps me very busy. My son, J.H., was scheduled for a circumcision with Dr. McCormack. This was through some kind of agreement with the public sector, as we had consulted his colleague, Dr. Zorn, through CHUM. I was very happy with the willingness of your staff to accommodate us due to my son being autistic. When a nurse came to get him in the waiting room to take him to get ready, I explained that his autism leads him to have difficulty fully understanding instructions that are given too quickly. However, his desire to please often leads him to say that he does understand. She therefore let me enter with him and I was allowed to stay with him until it was time for him to go to the surgery room. As an autistic family, we often have to face barriers and a lack of compassion and understanding. So this little thing meant a lot to us and reduced a lot of the anxiety that comes with this sort of procedure. Thank you very much for this and I hope that you continue to support patients with all kinds of disabilities. ?


? Hi Kevin, Sadly i am still not out of the woods, Pressure from my prostate radiates to my right groin area, enough discomfort that i have to drag my leg , Pain comes periodically, either i have zero discomfort for a day or two , to cannot stand up for a day or two , Zero problem when i am laying flat. Black fragments are coming out every day Some are very small to a couple of big ones recently. Having said that, my miction is incredibly satisfactory., gone are the sleepless nights and far too frequent trips to the bathroom,NO straining, NO pain, I can play a round of golf and smile when my partners are hiding in the bushes:) In my practice, i talk freely to all our clients/patients /male/ female about the green light laser therapy , a phenomenal procedure you performed on me and cannot stress enough the importance of ignoring the symptoms and delaying the inevitable surgery that can and will positively change your quality of life. Having done extensive research, US and CANADA wide , I made the decision to go to you in a private setting and at my own expense, one that i do not regret or question , Your reputation precedes you , Beyond the procedure itself , you took all the time to address all my concerns in layman terms, before, during and after the procedure, i felt most at ease to contact Rockland md 24/7!! Immediate response and consultation even with you on labor day weekend, A pleasure dealing with your registered nurses and front desk, What a treat! The clinic is busy but the surroundings are comfortable and welcoming, I am starting#iamnotanumber:) Thank you once again Amitiés, ?


? I have endured a non-cancerous continuously enlarging prostrate for the past ten years or so. My daily drug regiment included Dutasteride in the morning and Tamsulosin at night. Urinating was becoming increasingly difficult and frequent, where I found myself at times having to wear an absorbent pad just to catch the involuntary drippings. This all culminated on a business trip to the UK where -after dinner, and a few beers- I just couldn’t urinate at all. I was nauseated and started vomiting. I paced the hotel room all night taking multiple hot showers, hoping to ‘release’ the urine. It didn’t work. In the morning I took a cab to the nearest hospital. There they inserted a Foley Catheter and drained about 1.5 liters of urine out of me…oh what a relief!.. The next day I flew back to Montreal with the catheter still inside me. I purchased a dozen urinary catheters (and lubricant) at a drug store, and started self-catheterizing every time I had to urinate. It was tedious, difficult to hide, and not fun. About two weeks later I visited my urologist, and he told me that I would need an operation to remove part of my prostrate to reduce the pressure on my bladder….but the waiting list was 6 months.. There was no way I was going to continue my business and travel plans carrying urinary catheters with me for another 6 months! I called my family physician, and asked him if there was a faster private alternative. He referred me to Dr. Kevin Zorn at Rockland MD. Within one week I met with Dr. Zorn and he gave me a ‘fact sheet’ and ‘recovery timeline’, and then explained to me the Greenlight Laser treatment that he would recommend I get done. Dr. Zorn patiently answered all my questions. He told me the pros and cons of this procedure, and gave me a YouTube link to watch him explain to his students what is happening while actually doing this surgery. I agreed to the procedure, and the following week I was scheduled for the operation. The people at RocklandMD were terrific. The office staff were courteous, attentive, and took the extra step to put me at ease. The nursing staff then took detailed information, and again, were polite, courteous and very kind. Dr. Zorn then introduced me to the anesthesiologist, who gave me the choice as to whether to be sedated, or put to sleep. The operation itself took about two hours. As I chose to be sedated, it was a bit uncomfortable at times, but tolerable. When wheeled into the recovery room afterwards, again the staff were very attentive during the whole time I was there until discharged. I believe if I knew about Dr. Kevin Zorn and the Greenlight Laser procedure beforehand, I would have definitely opted had it done earlier. I would recommend this as a solution to anyone (after seeking medical advice) with a non-cancerous very enlarged prostrate. Best Regards, ?


? I was experiencing a poor bladder flow and was very apprehensive regarding the Greenlight surgery. From the start Dr. Zorn was very informative and placed me at ease, he detailed the procedure and explained fully what was to be expected. On the day of the surgery all relevant staff at Rockland MD made me feel comfortable. I need not have worried, the operation was successful without any discomfort. As a result my flow is better than it has ever been. If any person is anxious regarding this surgery I would highly recommend Dr. Zorn and his team at Rockland MD. Many thanks to all. ?


? I was having problems with urinating.These problems are well documented on line,such as frequency,stops and starts,waking up at night frequently etc.i knew something had to be done as the quality of life was not there.it was recommended go to Rockland MD and to see Dr Zorn.Obviously like most people would do I checked on line about Dr Zorn and was reassured that he was the right doctor to get advise and how to proceed forward. I had a procedure done years ago at Rockland MD so I knew this place was great.Extremely clean,all staff was great from nurses to receptionists. When at Rockland MD I met DR Zorn and it was a great consultation.everything was explained from A-Z with many questions asked.after the consultation I signed up immediately for the Greenlight procedure. I arrived early for the surgery and met all the people involved and all were polite and reassuring.Dr Zorn put me in a great mood as he was not only reassuring but made me feel at ease and was joking around. The surgery was performed and it went well.i woke up in no pain but extremely nautious.a cathoder was inserted and was told to come back in 2 days for a consultation with a nurse and to remove the cathoder.people should know that it is a bit uncomfortable to have the cathoder but looking back it was great and made sense. The recovery re time is as follows. There never was any pain but you always worry if the procedure worked and how long it would take to recover. Recovery I find went in stages.yes if you had to you could go to a meeting 3 days later but I felt I should take my time as the frequency is very high because we have been told to drink a lot of water.their is blood in the urine and this may last for a week.i personally took 2 weeks off for my recovery.i started getting back to real normality after 2 months. All the issues mentioned at the beginning were gone.urinating was normal.this was a great relief. The surgery in my view was a great success.i have had appointments with DR Zorn post surgery and everything was confirmed that it was a complete success and I can honestly say that my quality of life is back to normal and great. ?


? I was treated with Green Light Laser Surgery by Dr. Kevin C. Zorn at RocklandMD clinic in Montreal last August. The procedure went well and I was feeling good just few days after the surgery. I was lucky to go through this advanced medical procedure performed by Dr. Zorn and the medical team at Rockland. I did not face any complications. Dr. Zorn, the nurses and the rest of medical team at the clinic were all professional and helpful, especially nurse Savy, who answered all my phone calls and questions after the surgery. She is a great nurse. The anesthesiologist who performed general anesthesia was a very fine and experienced doctor. He prepared me in advance to go through the GA process smoothly. In my opinion Dr Zorn is a very capable and skillful surgeon, who can make a good connection with his patient. He is confident, friendly, experienced and earns patients trust. He answered all my questions clearly with full confidence without any ambiguity and everything went according to what he had projected at the beginning. In addition, he has significantly contributed to his field through advanced research and publications in high quality scientific journals. In summary, Dr. Zorn is a very nice person, knowledgeable and a superb surgeon and highly recommended. I am sure everyone would have a similar experience with him. ?

M. R. R.

? Following an unsuccessful Urolift procedure, Dr. Kevin Zorn suggested that I undergo a Green Light laser intervention at Rockland MD, in an attempt to remedy my persistent BPH. I did this on September 20th of this year, and I was very pleased and satisfied with the whole experience. Rockland MD is a very professional and friendly treatment centre, and the whole procedure from anesthesia to recovery went off without a hitch and in optimum conditions. The results have also been very positive and the functioning of my urinary tract is back to where it should be and with no undesired side effects. Dr. Zorn is an outstanding urologist, and the entire staff at Rockland MD did all they could, with really sincere caring, to make my experience the least unpleasant possible. I would highly recommend both Rockland MD and the innovative Green Light laser treatment for BPH. ?


? Dr Kevin Zorn was introduced to me by a very close friend who underwent ' the Green-Lite Laser Surgery' several years ago and has been very satisfied with the results. My appointment was at the RocklandMD Surgical Centre where I met Dr Zorn the first time. The facility was ' state of the art' and I found the staff to be very special and caring individuals looking to make me as comfortable as possible. I was looking forward to meet Dr Zorn after having worn a catheter for almost three months, feeling very discouraged and helpless, and not knowing what the future will be like for me. At my visit Dr Zorn spent a good amount of time explaining in great detail my condition and the ' Green-Lite Laser' procedure. He answered all my questions with such patience and kindness ans showed me several drawings of the procedure as well. He made me feel very comfortable and positive with his expertise and I left the meeting with a tremendous amount of confidence looking forward to having the surgery and not wearing a catheter any more. The surgery was a success, I hardly has any pain and two days later my new life began not requiring a catheter any longer. It is not almost one month since having my surgery and my life has changes completely. I am very grateful to Dr Zorn and the wonderful kind staff at the RocklandMD surgical Centre and I recommend them with the greatest of confidence. ?


? I had the opportunity to experience RocklandMD care via my insurance service provider, GPM. I can only exclaim how professional your services were executed recently due to a hip issue i had. Dr Peter Crago & staff provided me great care and timely feedback. Felt motivated to write and applaud in order to share my client experience. Bravo to all. I will spread the word! ?


? Thank you to the colonoscopy team, i had a great service, and a special thanks to Marc! ?


? I would like to say a special thanks to Marc, the respiratory therapist who made me feel very comfortable = asleep, during my colonoscopy. It is really the best place for that type of exam. Thanks! ?


? I am a Canadian pilot working in the golf area. I came to Canada to do a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the private sector . I had the chance to contact RocklandMD surgical clinic and to find a very punctual, professional, front desk that returned my call in 30 min . kept me on the line 15 seconds to double check the availability of the operation team and voila like magic. The following day I was meeting Dr Bellemare and having my pre-operative tests done. The next morning I went into the operating room and a few hours later I was in the comfort of my house. Good job RocklandMD I am a satisfied customer! ?


? Superb job! ?


? I am writing to thank you for your excellent surgical work. Your surgery coupled with the caring attitude of your staff has helped me attain fast recovery. You have always been kind and offered me the moral support when I was down with my toe problem. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by surgeons like you which makes the world a better place to live in. God bless you! ?


? I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for coordinating my knee surgery. The experience exceeded my expectations for quality of care and attention to details. My wife and I arrived a half hour early for our pre op appointment the day before the planned surgery and were greeted with a friendly receptionist who took the appropriate information and required consent forms. I was immediately taken to have a blood test and blood pressure reading. It would have been helpful if I had brought along a copy of the medication that I am taking from my pharmacist but they were able to call and have the information faxed directly to them. After a short wait I was introduced to Dr. Tadros who was very detailed in what I should expect with the surgery the next day. He was patient and answered all the questions clearly and frankly that I asked. He told me that I was a good candidate for the surgery and that I should expect a relatively quick recovery following and that I should have some physiotherapy to speed the recovery process. The last hurtle to get approved for the surgery was a ECG test that I passed easily. With that test done I was asked to arrive by 6:30 am the next day for my 7:00 am surgery. We arrived early the day of the surgery and were greeted with the same professional and warm experience. Just before the surgery the doctor came to speak to me and described what I should expect and to sign the final consent forms. The next person I met was the anesthesiologist who recommend that I have just the lower part of my body frozen to which I agreed. Moments later I was whisked to the operating room where the procedure would begin. Even though I had opted not to have a general anesthesia I was quite drowsy from the sedative I was given and dozed off during the procedure. The next thing I knew was that I was awake still in the operating room and the doctor was explaining how the procedure was very successful and that I should have a quick recovery. From there I was brought to the recovery room where I stayed under constant observation by a nurse until 10:30 in the morning when I was discharged. Final instructions before leaving included an emergency phone number for 24 hour care and that I should expect a phone call this evening and the following morning to see how I’m doing. Both of which they did exactly as described. A quick but somewhat painful cab ride back to our hotel. Back at the hotel they were wonderful by loaning me a wheel chair which came in handy for the next day and ½. 36 hours after my surgery I was able to walk around the hotel with the aid of a cane and just minor pain. Two days after my surgery my wife and I returned home to Toronto just a five hour drive from Montreal. As I write this message it is four days since my surgery and I can walk without pain and without a cane for short distances. I still have swelling and stiffness in my knee but I have already made significant progress toward recovery. Just two months almost to the day from when I injured my knee I have had the required surgery. Thanks to you and the staff at Rockland MD I expect a full and quick recovery and I can now be sure that my planned trip to Ireland to play golf in seven weeks can still be on track. Best regards, ?


? Just a quick note, to let you know what an incredible success my daughter’s surgery was! This whole experience has been amazing from start to finish. You hooked us up with Dr Tadros, who I consequently found out, headed many sports related committees for the province of Quebec. His son is also in the states on a tennis scholarship, so he totally gets the importance of trying to save her scholarship! We are so pleased with this entire experience. From the initial contact to the completion of her surgery, it was approximately 2 1/2 weeks. That was like a month and a half faster than we might have gotten just the MRI here, in Ontario. Her surgery would have been many months down the road from that. My husband and I both agree we would do it again in a heartbeat. Dr Tadros was very thorough in the pre-op entire explaining the procedure. He was kind and caring, and his follow-up right after? Equally as thorough. An absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish! Again, we cannot thank you enough! ?

Roxie C.

? I had almost 3 hours of TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate) using Green Laser performed by Dr. Kevin Zorn on May 29, 2014. It was a very convenient procedure as it allowed me to go home just a few hours after the surgery. Dr. Zorn did a superb job and now I can void like a 30 year old (I am 71 years old). Furthermore, my prostatic nerves have been spared and therefore my libido has not been affected. Kudos to Dr. Zorn. I would strongly recommend Dr. Zorn to anybody who cannot void because of an enlarged prostate due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). ?